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We are your translation agency in Chile.

Our Services

We solve international communicational needs, in Chile, through qualified interpreters and translators.
Our services is focused on projects related to business, education, industries, and individuals.
Our mission is to be a cultural bridge among people that speak a different language.

Simultaneus Interpretation

Our staff is formed by simultaneus interpreters, that are specialist in diverse subjects. We have worked for the main Trade Shows in Chile.

Consecutive Interpreters

A professional consecutive interpreter with bee your voice in a meeting with international guests. This service is suitable small presentations, meetings or events with a reduced audience.

Spanish Language Training

This program is meant to support the learning needs of people that relocate in Chile. We combine the best of Assimil program and other methodologies and field activities and tourism.

Our Added Value

  • Specialist Professionals

  • Customized Solutions

  • Customer Orientation

Our Location

Santiago, Chile

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